Musik in der Komorebi

2019.7 - Geelvinck Muziek Museum - ZUTPHEN

Piano & Photo Collaboration
at Geelvinck Muziek Museum in Zutphen

Music and photography meet at this photo concert.
Pianist Eunhee Baek brings a program with colorful music from the early 18th to the 20th century,
in which Karin Shikata presents her photos.
For their collaboration, the Korean pianist and Japanese photographer
found inspiration in nature as well as in music.
During the concert there are three short presentations about the repertoire and the photos.

Many composers also found inspiration in nature.
In this concert Eunhee chooses Skovstilhed (the silence of the forest)
from the Lyrical pieces by Edvard Grieg,
Reflets dans l'eau by Debussy and Au lac de Wallenstadt
from the Années de Pèlerinage by Franz Liszt.

This photo concert is part of Photo Summer Zutphen.